New Roofing Website Now Live

A new KÖSTER website, fully dedicated to the roofing segment, is now live.
We have been successfully producing roofing membranes for more than 30 years, and now we decided that it was the right time to offer our customers, and the market, one website for this special field of application.
On this website, we offer a general insight of all that is necessary to know about the materials and systems for roof waterproofing.
We have also deliberately and exclusively focused our attention on the TPO/FPO and ECB membranes, because we strongly believe that these membranes are the best available roofing solution in the market, not only for its unique properties and long lifespan, but also because of its intrinsic respect for the environment. The name of the site is KÖSTER Roofing Systems and our signature claims “Sustainable Roofing Systems”.

On this website the customer will be able to check the standards and guidelines for both materials and roof implementation, a guide on different kinds of renovations, the different design types that can be used and chosen and information about the type of insulation materials to be used in each case.
Another great feature of this website is that we organized the installation methods into 4 categories (mechanical fastening, loose laid, adhered systems, and green roofs), and each will show different options with several pictures that make it easier to identify each case. For example, “Mechanical Fastening” is divided into metal substrate, concrete substrate and wood substrate but also a section about the induction system was included. This kind of subdivision will be available for all installation methods, so that each customer can easily find the right option according to the project.

On the products section, the customer can effortlessly scroll down through the list of products organized by categories and as for the accessories section, we wanted to make the search easier to find the right item as fast as possible, so we organized also in easy identifiable categories, that allows the customer to choose by type of product or use / application.

The download area includes the brochures, flyers, technical data sheets, and specifications (that we will continue to add) and we have also included a section for references with the project description, products used, and pictures.

To emphasize the type of membranes, a dedicated menu item “Membranes” will show a quick to grasp overview towards TPO and ECB as the sole materials being used. As an extra feature, we included a “Good to know” button where the customer can find information about the claim of sustainability and details about TPO itself.

From now on, we invite you to navigate on



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