Major contracts for KÖSTER in China

Dr. Jianping Yang, CEO of Beijing Köster, and Johann J. Köster, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG, visited the company Zhongda Zhongfangxin Holdings Co., Ltd., in China. They received an order to provide the waterproofing of a newly created district that is part of the expansion of the city Xi‘an in Central China. Xi‘an is widely known for its terracotta army of the dynasty of Qin in the 3rd century B.C. This order includes the supply of waterproofing solutions for considerable 420.000 m².

Already before this KÖSTER has worked with Zhongda Zhongfandxin Holdings Co. Ltd. The large-scale project „International the CITY“ is now almost finished and relies extensively on the waterproofing systems made by KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG. A total of 70.000 m² of surfaces, joints and pipes in basements, underground parking, swimming pools, bathrooms and facades are now waterproofed by products made in Aurich.

Apart from Dr. Jianping Yang, also Bao Zhing Shi, vice president of Zhongda Zhongfangxin Holdings Co., Ltd., and project manager of „International the CITY“, was very pleased with the products and the application.

Additionally, Dr. Yang and Johann Köster visited the power plant Junliangcheng from the Huadian group in Tianjin. A cooling tower there is being coated with KÖSTER products: Within two months, the contractor applied products to and area of 30.000 m². Based on this, two more cooling towers were commissioned.

Dr. Yang emphasizes on KÖSTER‘s standing in China: „KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE is well-known in the waterproofing industry in China. The customers are more than happy with the quality of the East Frisian manufacturer.”



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