Injection of expansion joints

The injection of joints represents a fairly quick method and minimally invasive way to repair failing waterproofing systems.

Hidden expansion joints, for example in an underground parking garage above a support beam, usually require a small number of injection packers. The placement of these packers is determined so that existing waterstops are preferably not perforated. This is particularly important for existing internal or external sealing bands. In the case of overhead expansion joints (dilation joints), boreholes should be ideally drilled towards the top third of the joint. In cases of floor expansion joints, boreholes should be ideally drilled towards the lower third of the joint.

KÖSTER Superpackers are inserted into the boreholes. At overhead joints, a polymer, cementitious or mechanical barrier may be necessary to seal the joint before injection, in order to avoid losses of material.

The KÖSTER Injection Gel S4 with the KÖSTER B+ component is a specially designed acrylic gel for the injection of joints, providing a higher flank adhesion, enhanced elasticity and a reduced drying tendency when in contact with air currents.

By injecting the joint with the elastic acrylic gel KÖSTER Injection Gel S4/B+, it is not necessary to excavate underground parking garages or other underground building components. Moreover, since a low number of packers is sufficient in most cases, the drilling effort is reduced and time and costs are saved.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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