1 Substrate

2 Levelling
3 Floor coating
KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor
4 Decorative layer
KÖSTER Color-Chips
5 Protection
KÖSTER TS transparent

The KÖSTER BTG System is a visually appealing floor coating system for concrete and screed floors.

It is comprised of KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor (resin coating), KÖSTER Color Chips (colored enhancement) and KÖSTER TS Transparent (transparent surface sealant). The BTG System protects balconies, terraces, laboratories, offices, and other commercial areas including living spaces against erosion, weathering, and other chemicals. The system stands out due its slip resistance and its ease of cleaning. The epoxy resin sealant, KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor, is applied to a prepared substrate in two coats. In order to achieve a slip resistant and decorative colored finish, the coating is then broadcasted with KÖSTER Color Chips. Lastly, TS Transparent is applied as a transparent final layer. TS Transparent is a high performing surface sealant made out of modern sustainable materials. Due to its good ultraviolet resistance, it can be used both in inside and outside areas. It provides the BTG System with a matte finish and a high-quality surface. In cases where moisture can be trapped behind the coating such as non-waterproofed floor slabs or balconies, KÖSTER VAP I 2000 should be applied to protect against moisture and water vapor.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Data Sheets.



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