Pressure injection of water bearing cracks

KÖSTER 2 IN 1 is a broadly applicable solvent-free PU injection resin for dry and water bearing cracks. The specialty: KÖSTER 2 IN 1 forms an elastic foam when coming into contact with water which pushes the water out of the crack. If no water is present, the material forms an elastic solid body resin and permanently seals the crack.

Alternatively, KÖSTER IN 8 reacts only when in contact with water and spontaneously forms a compact, viscoplastic, waterproof polyurethane foam with a volume expansion of up to 30 times, which allows movements of the structure while maintaining a watertight system.

All KÖSTER injection resins are installed with the KÖSTER 1C Injection Pump via injection valves called “Packers” into the crack. Depending on the application, different packers are available.

KÖSTER Impact Packers are installed very quickly and are recommended for low to medium pressure.

KÖSTER Packers and KÖSTER Superpackers are used for all applications from low to high pressure.

KÖSTER One-Day-Site Packers have an extra valve so that the upper part of the packer can be removed directly after injection and the hole plugged. The borehole stays pressure sealed.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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