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Concrete restoration of the feed alley: Fast, safe and environmentally friendly

Concrete restoration of the feed alley: Fast, safe and environmentally friendlyKÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG offers farmers a mineral based and environmentally friendly alternative for refurbishing their feeding alleys, which is also economical.

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The new regulation of the radiation protection law: KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG reacts to the new legislation for radiation protection

KÖSTER KSK SY 15Since November 14, 2017, there are once again two test certificates for Radon resistance. In addition to the KÖSTER KSK SY 15, the seam overlap of the membrane was also successfully tested.

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New KÖSTER SEP system

New KÖSTER SEP system

Coating for headlamp inspection and parking spaces according to the new German legal guideline according to § 29 StVZO.

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KÖSTER Superfleece 10 cm / 120 g

High strength polyester nonwoven reinforcement fabric for liquid waterproofing products such as KÖSTER MS Flex Foil, KÖSTER NB Elastic, KÖSTER Deuxan, KÖSTER Bikuthan, KÖSTER KBE, and KÖSTER BD 50. To reinforce waterproofing in corners and other areas prone to cracking and to connect to gutters, gullies, and similar custom details. 10 cm wide.



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