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One component joint sealing for indoor and outdoor use

Elastic polyurethane as joint sealingKÖSTER PU 907 (elastic, low modulus polyurethane sealant) complements the J – Joint sealing product range

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KÖSTER MS Flex Foil: multi-purpose repair material

KÖSTER MS Flex FoilKÖSTER MS Flex Foil, a universal repair material with 500% elasticity for indoor and outdoor use.

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Floor coatings with special conditions - The KÖSTER OS-8 System

During the last few years, KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG has greatly expanded its product portfolio into the area of self-leveling underlayments and floor coatings. Additionally, KÖSTER plans to gradually add more systems to this area in the future that will complement the existing product portfolio.

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KÖSTER Color-Chips

UV and chemically resistant decorative colored chips for broadcasting into the surface of KÖSTER LF-VL, KÖSTER EM-VS, and for use with the KÖSTER BTG System. 2 mm, light grey, other colors on request.



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