Hygienic flooring system for high demands: The KÖSTER UC-System for protective coatings in the food processing industry

KÖSTER UC (Urethane Cement) is a hybrid coating that combines the properties of a coating and a mineral self leveling underlayment. It was originally developed to meet special requirements for concrete protection in the food processing industry and has the following advantages:

  • Food safe: can be used in hygienically sensitive areas
  • Very high resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress (tested against mineral and organic acids)
  • Easy to use in high humidity conditions and very good water resistance
  • Very high temperature shock resistance (can withstand cleaning with hot steam)
  • Fast leveling of uneven surfaces, usually without a primer
  • Easy and economical installation for moderate to high layer thicknesses

Wide range of applications

With its unique material properties KÖSTER UC coatings are suitable for use in a wide range of industries from food processing to pharmaceutical as well as production and commercial areas with high requirements against chemical, thermal and physical stresses.    

  • CT 251 KÖSTER UC 100: Self-leveling urethane cement flooring system for layer thicknesses between 3 and 10 mm
  • CT 252 KÖSTER UC 200: Trowel applied urethane cement flooring system
  • CT 253 KÖSTER UC 300: Solvent free top coat for KÖSTER UC 100 and KÖSTER UC 200 and primer for the KÖSTER UC System


Exceptional Material Properties

Hybrid systems combine several types of materials in one product and thus create combined material properties. The KÖSTER UC System combines three binders which gives its products the following characteristics:

  • Cement (provides very good surface hardness)
  • Polyol (provides very good residual elasticity)
  • Isocyanate (Forms urethane units in the binder matrix which give the material very good durability)

Advantages over classical reaction resin systems and the competition:

Speed: concrete is mechanically prepared before the installation of coatings, for example by shot blasting. Depending on the concrete quality and the type of substrate preparation, the surface can be very rough. When using classical reaction resins, these rough surfaces must be levelled using a scratch coat prior to coating. This can cost a lot of time and money. The KÖSTER UC coatings on the other hand can be applied directly to mechanically-prepared concrete, creating a floor system for moderate to higher layer thicknesses in just one step. After just a few hours a decorative top seal, KÖSTER UC 300, can be applied.  

Slip Resistance: industrial areas are generally subject to increased demands for slip resistance. The KÖSTER UC systems allow immediate structuring with fire-dried broadcast material, even in the case of high layer thicknesses (> 3 mm to 1 cm), so that slip resistance classes from R 10 to R 13 are achieved without applying a scratch coat.

No shrinking: KÖSTER UC coatings do not shrink. In contrast to many polyurethane concretes on the market, the typical problem of increased shrinkage could be solved during the development of the KÖSTER UC System.

Solvent-free: As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, KÖSTER strives to create solvent-free products. The KÖSTER UC System does not give off any odors during application. Test certificates for indoor use (AgBB test certificates) as well as for the food sector are currently in planning.

Application examples:

Installation is carried out using common tools used in screed flooring. First, the concrete surface is mechanically prepared by shot blasting. Afterwards, KÖSTER UC 100 can be applied directly onto the surface and is spread with a notched squeegee (Fig. 1 & 2). KÖSTER UC 200 is applied with a standard trowel.

In order to achieve a homogeneous surface, it is crucial that the amount of material necessary for the given surface roughness is distributed immediately with the appropriate notched squeegee height. Immediately after spreading KOSTER UC 100, roll the material crosswise with a spiked roller (Fig. 3).

Compared to other competitor products, KÖSTER UC coatings have a very favorable potlife which makes installation on the jobsite easy. Nevertheless, proper planning and training of personnel is essential to ensure a successful installation.

As a general rule of thumb the full width of the area to be coated should be coated, rolled, and broadcasted within 20 minutes (Fig. 4).

The surface is resistant to foot traffic already after 18 hours after curing (overnight) and can be subsequently sealed with KÖSTER UC 300. If desired, the KÖSTER UC Pigment Paste can be added to the top coat to provide a coloring effect and is also trafficable after a few hours.

Flooring system with KÖSTER UC 100 (broadcasted) and KÖSTER UC 300.

Generally, a moisture mitigation system is not necessary for the installation of KÖSTER UC. If however, moisture is present underneath the flooring or the concrete is still moist during installation, KÖSTER VAP 2000 products may be used.



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